Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bravo Oprah

Oprahs show was good today I admire her guts to be frank about her weight gain and falling of the wagon and a desire to get healthier, she relates stress and a lack of balance made her turn to food.

Take homes, 1. prioritize you, make time to do a meal plan, and excercise, 2. what are you really hungry for? check out oprah.com.
She has a shot of her full body on the cover of the next O magazine, its good to face up to your body how it really is and not hide from it. I must confess even myself, I am carrying a little extra weight 4 lb after Jasmine. Its very tempting to wear lose fitting clothes, but if you wear your normal clothes it motivates you to do something about it.

Make time for you, a little hard with bambino, but I try and do stationary bike while she naps, or walk with her in baby carrier, I also do excercises with her and when she's older will dance together !

Put yourself on the top of your to do list !,

feel free to message me for support, Rebecca

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