Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank You Food Buzz

Just wanted to thank Food Buzz for choosing Rebecca's insights as a featured publisher. It truly is a wonderful website and community of foodies, I have already connected with some great people and have restaurant recommendations for France and Italy, for our up coming trip. We fly Sunday to the UK, to see all of our family taking our 7 month old daughter for the first time!, then off to France and Italy, will take pictures of the food and pick up new recipes along the way.
Thanks also to Anita one of my first followers and Teresa, I appreciate the support.
Other Great Blogs: (see my profile page for links)
Bonne Nutrition - The Author Sweta is a fellow dietitian from India with a wealth of great knowledge and tips
5 Star Foodie from Foodbuzz a great site dedicated to the love of fine food.
Angie's Recipes- Foodbuzz, great recipe ideas
Savor The Thyme - FoodBuzz- great healthy recipes for the family
Ratatouille- Anyone Can Cook- great site for Indian Recipes

Thanks for following love to you all, I am so pleased I started blogging its so much fun, hope to make lots new foodie, health conscious friends along the way.


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