Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get Back to Basics: Eat like a French Soldier 1000 years ago!!

While in France we visited a delightful little village perched on a hill side over looking the Mediterranean and Monaco. There we visited Roquebrune Cap Martin Castle. These pictures show the ancient kitchen and the one with the flag is the chimney. I asked the guide what the soldiers would have eaten she stated, rabbit, fish and vegetables, local olives and salads. So all in all a very balanced and nutritious diet I am sure they were also very active in their jobs and climbing the endless staircase to the castle!
In today's society our diets are often based around highly processed foods, and wouldn't be as fresh and locally grown like the soldiers diet. When the rabbit and fish were more than likely hunted that day and the local villagers grew the vegetables and fruits. We really need to get back to basics one or two ingredients on the label of products and cook fresh simple food.

Interesting the old wood fired oven is still in use in the area, and of course it cooks great Pizzas.

In Near by Italy the dough is made fresh and it has tasty toppings with little cheese.

So lets start a new trend of eating the way our ancestors did !

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