Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walkers Crisps Competition

Just for fun check out the link, the flavours are submitted by contestants and the public votes till May 1st 2009. The winner receives 50,000 pounds and a 1% share of the profits and the flavour becomes permanent. What a cool idea for a competition.
The flavours:
- Builders Breakfast
- Cajun Squirrel
- Chili and Chocolate
- Fish and Chips
- Crispy Duck and Hoisin Sauce
- and Onion Bhaji.

I think its just goes to show how diverse the UK is.
Lays needs to do it next, post your comments for American flavours below!

Oh and Lays owns Walkers hence the similar logo, so watch this space!

Maybe we need to vote for the Nations best fruit or vegetable also!

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