Friday, May 22, 2009

Ever Dreamed of Staying in a Scottish Castle........

My parents recently visited myres castle in Auchtermuchty Fife apparently it is only open to the public a couple of times a year. It was owned by Mary Queen of Scots daughter my Mum says. Even then folks are just allowed in the gardens and not the house. But you get to enjoy the gorgeous gardens meet the staff of the castle and eat home made cakes on the lawn. My Dad forgot to take pictures of these sob sob he was probably too busy eating them to remember he loves his cakes. I have inherited this from him tea and cake on the lawns of a castle, heaven.

In fact when I studied in Aberdeen in the North of Scotland we would often drive to castles and do this, fresh homemade scones, strawberries, cream and tea. It was our little treat to ourselves after long days studying.

Check out the website of this 5 star castle it can be rented out, but its not cheap!... but we can dream. For those living in North Carolina or planning to visit be sure to go the The Biltmore Estate America's castle there's a winery and restaurant on site.
North Carolina also has wonderful vineyards often with restaurants.

Check your local area maybe there's a hidden gem like Myres castle in my parents neighbourhood and please share.....

The 16Th century castle is completely invisible from the road as it is hidden in the woods

highland cows grazing. Don’t be taken in by their friendly looks – the horns are very sharp

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, hope your all have time off work

Love Rebecca

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