Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exercise Shown Not to Rev up Metabolism: So be Careful What You Eat!

A study done by an exercise physiologist in Colorado and Duke University found that exercise doesn't significantly increase our metabolism after a workout, it only seems to increase fat metabolism during with no lasting effect. Therefore we need to be careful what we eat afterwards. A lot of folks, feel good that they worked out and may over eat feeling that exercise gives them a licence to do this.

Don't be disheartened however exercise is great for us and along with a balanced diet will lead to weight loss and maintenance of that loss.

Just some food for thought, keep a food diary of calories consumed and along side it record calories burned with activity,
Professor Melanson states that " If you exercise and replace the calories you burn, you're no better with regard to how much fat you burn than if you didn't exercise."

If calories burned equal calories consumed our weight stays the same, so enjoy a workout followed by a healthy portion controlled snack a piece of fruit, one cookie not 4! and only eat if your feeling hungry!


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