Monday, May 11, 2009

Friend Award

Another post for today, Sweta of Bonne Nutrition gave me this award today, she is really my first blogging buddy and again, she's a talented writer and full of good information on nutrition and health. I am to pass this on to 8 other people so here goes:

1. Sweta as she deserves it
2. Jenn at Bread and Butter Sweta also gave her one today he he, but please check out her blog it's very engaging and she is the sweetest person
3. Angie at Angies recipes, wow can she cook
4.Dar at Girlichef, i recently starting following her blog, great recipes and step by step photos to explain things, lovely person
5.Joie de Vivre a wonderful blog dedicated to living well maintaining weight loss and staying healthy inspired by the French (its hard not to love the French and their way of live particularly in the South of France)
6.Jennifer at Savor the Thyme, I love this blog great recipes and Jennifer seems to be such an awesome mom, someone for me to look up to as a mom to an 8 month old
7. Mary at one perfect bite, a delightful blog with great recipes, Mary really knows her food
8. Finally the tangled noodle, great blog and very well written of course she is a writer on her profile!

Wow the list could go on and on there are so many great blogs and talented bloggers behind them, and lots more to discover,
happy reading and blogging everyone,


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