Friday, May 8, 2009

Plant a Herb Garden in Your Flower Bed

I recently moved house in Jan so I am in the process of establishing another flower garden I sectioned of an area of grass with a border of rocks and unused bricks!
I have added rosemary, cilantro, basil, a fig plant, oregano so far, will also add tomatoes and peppers and I thought blueberry bushes.
Its just outside of my kitchen near the porch so I will be able to nip out and get my fresh herbs I have already used to cilantro a few times.
I did the same in my last house and had great success with sage and rosemary coming year after year, the basil tends to be more of an annual and the cilantro. But as the summer comes to an end the basil freezes really well, or make pesto and freeze it.

Would love to see pictures of your herb gardens and any other gardening tips, heres to home cooked nutritious food with fresh herbs yummy

Oh and its been raining a lot here in Winston Salem I need to cut the grass!!


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