Monday, June 8, 2009

Baltimore Eats....

So on Thursday we went to Washington DC and ate in Miss Saigon in Georgetown as we couldn't resist Vietnamese, ended up being a takeout in the hotel room as baby got her Zz's. Because we shopped too much he he, we adore Georgetown reminds me of back home.

We then went to Baltimore, as I was attending a training session on Motivational Interviewing with one of the best psychologists in the world!, its for an upcoming research study where dietitians work with pediatrians and counsel parents of overweight kids. It was a great experience and I learnt so much. I skipped dinner with the group on friday and we headed to the harbor area since we were in Maryland I wanted to try crab cakes.

Again it ended up being a takeout, as a busy bar area was not really great for baba!, we actually stumbled upon canton square, near the harbor a historic square packed with restaurants and bars. There was a beautiful old church at the end of the square and neat paintings on the walls.
Baltimore was alright, didn't get to see much, but pleased to have enjoyed the fresh crabmeat ..

Mama's Half Shell, quickly googled seafood restaurants in hotel and this one had good reviews, was packed with locals, remember always a good sign he he

Maryland Crab cakes, very good, lots of meat

Ships, all in all Baltimore felt pretty industrial and has an old marine history we saw big mountains of coal and salt along the highway ready for shipping

This was a neat painting on the wall of a building in canton square

We really didn't get to see much, but even with a tight conference schedule and a young baby, we managed to get out and visit the city a little.

Its always good to try and do this as you may not get the chance again and also it gives you a taster in case you want to go back!!.. not sure about Baltimore, please forgive me Baltimore natives, I think I needed a local tour guide.
There are so many places I want to go back to number one being Paris but the list is endless!!

Where would you most like to go back to?...

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