Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foods That Provoke A Discussion!....

I just found peachkitchen its an awesome blog based in The Phillipines, check it out.

The above post is called balut a fertilised duck egg, as you may know I have a ducks nest near my front door and am hoping for little ducklings to hatch he he so this turned my stomach.

But in different countries what one person finds strange another adores.

In Scotland where I grew up black pudding is popular, its made from oats and meat and cows blood and eaten like a sausage

I just came across a recipe for it on UK Food Bloggers!

The Chinese eat chicken feet dim sum, not bad actually and the French eat frogs, snails and horse.

Lets start a discussion is there anything unique to your country that to others seems different, or what is the most unusual food you have eaten.

Snails is about as bold as I have been in France and they were actually really good, not chewy and full of flavor..

Just for fun.....


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