Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tips for Finding Good Eats When Traveling



We are going to DC/Baltimore for the weekend, I am in a conference so unlikely to have much time to eat. But thought I would share tips to find great restuarants when going to a new city

- Go onto its a great site that lists restaurants by city with prices and rating (in fact I got the 2008/2009 survey of places to eat around the world for hubby for fathers day, something different!)

- The New York Times has awesome restaurant reviews and also great travel ideas for cities around the world, we used to use this all the time when visiting friends in NYC with a goal to try a different countries cuisine each time, and believe me in New York theres a lot!

-Fodors travel

- The World famous Michelin Guide

- Ask folks on foodbuzz, I did this before going to Europe

- Ask the locals, this is probably the best advice you can get.

I emailed Natasha of 5 star foodie as I noticed she lived near DC.

Be adventurous and often the best restaurants are the ones we stumble upon, oh and a good tip is to find busy restaurants and if in a foreign country you don't want to hear too much English spoken !!

Bye for now, enjoy the rest of your weeks and have a fab weekend

What are some of your tips?........

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