Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walk Early to Beat the Summer Heat

Great tip: try and walk early in fact as soon as you get up. I went today threw on some clothes, Jasmine was in her PJS he he and we went to the park. It was 7.30am nice, quiet and cool.

When we returned we had breakfast, put on the coffee and took our showers, it was a lovely start to the day.

Oh and on another note I am studying a home study on youth and toddler fitness and I just read that young kids are more at risk of thermal injury (overheating) as their bodies are less well equipped than adults. As they have a lower sweat rate, greater energy expenditures during exercise and lower cardiac outputs so they can't dissipate heat as well.
It states that kids should be monitored carefully in high heat over 85 degrees ensuring good hydration. I didn't know this so I thought I would share it, so be extra careful with the kiddies in the heat lol


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