Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ham and Cheese Crepes and Award

I made this for Jasmines lunch the other day, was quick and tasty and such a great finger food for babies. For the crepes, I mixed all purpose flour with 2 eggs and milk until I got a nice batter. Then I made the crepes, added ham, cheese (laughing cow- love it!) and cucumber. She happily munched away on it with her 3 little teeth!, then afterwards, she had one with blueberries and nutella.

Heather at Chic and Pastry gave me this award
so sweet of her, I love her blog and her style of writing is so witty, check it out you won't be disappointed. There were no rules to pass it along but I can't resist, as I keep coming across blogs that deserve awards!

OK OK that's enough you can tell I read a lot of blogs, and often late at night when my darling is sleeping, but I love it he he and its neat to give awards, till next time......

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