Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ikea Fun!

So we went to Ikea today in Charlotte, our daughter loved it, its such a great store, I used to go there as a kid with my Mum, Dad and Brother, and get into trouble for climbing over everything! but we let Jasmine do it he he. This was lunch swedish meatballs with mash potato, egg and shrimp salad on bread, elderflower juice and logenberry juice. All in all its a good place to eat lots of salads, and veggies and wonderful for kids, it has a neat play area, and cute bibs and knive and forks!
The last picture is a cool little tent Jasmine can play in, I also got a tube she can crawl through love it.
My last memory of Ikea, was when I was in Dubai, we went on a jeep safari and I meet a girl who had just been there we ate too much swedish chocolate and didn't feel so good over the sand dunes!!
Be sure to visit your local ikea its a lot of fun for little ones

Here are some pictures

the lovely Kenny of Chic Eats made me a Chinese double happiness picture its on this post I tried and tried to get into my blog, but it beats me why I can't, any suggestions fellow bloggers?

on a final note:

This is a nice article discussing Michelle Obama eating food with school kids from the White House Garden, its a lovely example to us all, lets hope great food and nutrition polices follow. It is however a wonderful start. Rebecca

The Next Course

Why Children Are Key Players in Michelle Obama's Food Policy Moves

love ya all

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