Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Local Indian Store: Om Indian Groceries

I thought I would take you on a quick tour of my local Indian Grocery store, Om Indian Groceries
1575 Hanes Mall Blvd
Winston Salem, NC 27103
(336) 794-8000

It is 5 min from my house, its very clean and well laid out, with great management.

Frozen chappati and vegetables, I love Drumsticks as they are great in Sambar and its hard to get fresh, also a great place to get fresh frozen coconut.
Here are two staples in Indian cooking spicy green chilis and curry leaves

Pickles, and types of flour for those on a gluten free diet Indian stores have great gluten free flours made from rice or lentils, at much lower prices.

Indian shampoos and soaps, there is also a South Indian coffee filter, I got one, recipe to follow, my husband told me I paid too much and we should have got his mom to bring it aw well!

Indian Ladies Tops, they also plan to start selling Jewelery

Indian Movies from the North - Hindi (my Favorite ones, I am a traitor as my hubby is South Indian!, watch some they are very good) and the South.

Lots of biscuits I think us Brits taught some bad habits he he, oh and they even have McVities a famous British brand, I like it even more!

Cadburys chocolate from England, where it originated, and in my humble opinion the best LOL

Indian Sweets

Homemade Idly/Dosa mix, now this is cool as if you look here

they take a long time to make!, I had this this evening with lamb curry, recipe to follow. They also have homemade curries from a local lady.

Indian vegetables, if your local they have a delivery on Thurs in fact most can be grown in Florida where the climate is like India

All kinds of lentils and dried beans, the healthiest part of the store.

All different types of rice, in big bags as most Indians eat a lot of rice!

Our supper, lamb curry (recipe to follow, otherwise this post will be very long!) and dosa.

Hope you enjoyed your tour any questions feel free to comment, I highly recommend paying a visit to your local Indian store.

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