Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nourish's Midori Glazed Halibut Recipe is Featured on Alaskan Seafood Harvest

The lovely Amanda of Nourish let me use a seafood recipe for the Alaskan Seafood blog, so I eagerly went through her Archive and found this one. Its a great recipe and was also featured on the foodbuzz top 9!
I emailed her for a photo but she stated it was so good, her husband ate it before she got a chance to take a picture. How many times has that happened fellow foodies he he!

She's a fellow dietitian and lives in Canada, check our her blog she also adds awesome nutrition tips here

here's the recipe, feel free to check it out

oh but I still love my car, even tough I need to get new brake pads at a high price, what to do?

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