Friday, July 10, 2009

Smell the Rain! and award

It was raining yesterday and after a good spell of very dry and hot weather in Winston Salem it was a thrill to see the rain, oh how we take rain for granted. The grass is already looking greener today it needed a good drink. I walked up and down my street in it with Jasmine and smelt it, yep it smells of pure freshness. So next time it rains, stop for a second in your busy day and breath in lets be thankful for it.
Oh and thats a cucumber plant on my tree I got at the farmers market, cool uh?

So the lovely Anthony of Blog from a dietitians perspective gave me this award thanks so much, I recently got his award from Krista from krista's kitchen and passed it along. So I will pass it back to Anthony you can read 7 things about him on his blog, check it out here

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