Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Indian Filter Coffee

So this post is dedicated to Sweta of Bonne Nutrition and Viki of Viki's Kitchen she is from the same State in India as my hubby, and cooks great Indian food, check out her blog at
she gave me the Kreative blogger award, very sweet of her I have already posted on this. Anything new to report about me I love and hate my car, I have a VW Toureg love it but costs way to much with servicing and I think I need to say goodbye to my big bad baby! and this time get something smaller and better MPG!

Anyways onto the post:
In South India they have a special traditional way to make coffee, (cappi!) with a filter I got one in the Indian store the other day.

Here is the coffee maker and the coffee, it is a blend of coffee and chicory which in history has been used as a coffee substitute, it adds a very characteristic taste to the coffee

So you add a tablespoon of the powder to the filter and fill with water up to the level then it will slowly filter through into the bottom chamber to make a shot. I mean slowly I cooked supper veggies and pasta while it was doing this!

In India they will add hot milk and pour it from one container to the other very high up in the air and fast to get the foam and maybe to cool it down as its so hot there!, my hubby used to do this when we were dating I thought it a little strange but after being there I understood he he

Anyways I cheated on mine and steamed the milk with an espresso machine!

If you ever visit South India you must drink this especially in the hotels (its cleaner for us westerners and you get nice stainless steel or silverware, to make the experience better LOL) its wonderful, make sure you ask for no sugar if you don't like very sweet drinks!

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