Sunday, July 12, 2009

Strong Sun Festival Pow Wow

There was a pow wow, a Native American Indian get together at historic Bethabara park in Winston Salem today with singing and dancing, story telling and crafts. I went with Jasmine shame it was so hot, couldn't stay long.
We saw the dancers and heard a wonderful story teller who played little carpenter a famous Cherokee in the 1800's he retold how it was to live in those times and explained their customs, very neat. If you look very closely you will see a string in the back, he was roasting a turkey over the fire, the original rotisserie!

The story teller

We chatted to folks and found out that there were native Americans there from as far away as Oregon! and Florida, pow wows are often a time to have a vacation and meet other Native American Indians and to educate us!!

Jasmines new toy!
So if you have a pow wow in your area I highly recommend it, also the Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC is well worth a visit. Its great to learn about other cultures and America's original people. Oh and the Museum in DC features food from each tribe very cool for all us foodies!


On a final note I wanted to pass this award on to Kristy of My little Space in Malaysia as I thought she deserved an award and I wanted her to post 7 things about herself! Love Rebecca

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