Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You Food Buzz for Spotlighting Little me!

Diana of a little bit of Spain in Iowa tweeted me this morning I never thought I would say that but hey everyone is doing it!, and told me my little mug was on the homepage of foodbuzz. Sure enough there I was and spotlighted very neat.

I adore foodbuzz, one of the best communities I have joined I have meet so many awesome foodies from around the globe kenny from Chic Eats, Donna from My Tasty Treasures, Girlichef, Gera of Sweet Foods, My little Space, hummingbird appetite, Natashya of 5 Star foodie, Erica of My Columbian Recipes, Jenn from Bread and Butter, Amanda of Nourish, Olga of Mango and Tomato, Deb from Hawaii, Sweta of Bonne Nutrition and this is just a few you can see how many blogs I follow!

Love ya all, I am learning so much from you all about cooking and life

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