Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top Restaurant Cities in the US

This is a great article on top cities to eat in the US it lists
  1. NYC- my favorite as your can eat food from any country in the world!
  2. New Orleans, I agree the food here is special and so unique to New Orleans
  3. Las Vegas- it has a good culinary school in town!
  4. LA- have been to a few good places in LA but I find it a bit for posers, just teasing
  5. San Francisco the article states especially Asian food, vietnamese, and Chinese. The China Town in San Francisco is great and the great thing about this city is after eating, walk a few hills and you burn of all the food!
  6. Chicago, I love Rush Street.
  7. I WANT TO ADD CHARLOTTE NC it has wonderful places of a very high caliber and especially around South Park Mall area.

What are your favorite cities to eat in?

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