Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goodies from India

So this is so cool to share pictures of the goodies from India, we are so blessed to have had my Mum and Dad in June from Scotland with British goodies now My hubby's parents are here from India.
Jasmine was sick last night first time we had never seen her vomit a lot scary, but she's a lot better today, had a little to eat here and there poor thing.

Jasmines plates and cups with her name engraved

Bangles for me and Jasmine and teddy bear

Indian sweets not sure the name but my Indian friends will fill us in below.. hint very good, i have eaten too many with cups of tea and not too sweet
Suitcases full of tea, pots and pans, spices and snacks yummy, hope they have enough clothes to wear!

Jasmine got a gorgeous silk dress in purple as they know its my favorite colour for her birthday and jewelry will treat you to a picture next week LOL

Have a great rest of the weekend

oh and I just saw this post by the Ungourmet its awesome, I am giving it girlichefs tasty award


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