Sunday, August 9, 2009

Winston Salem Eats: Cities

My good friend Carrie visited yesterday so we all had a nice girlie day, looked at the shops, had smoothies and went out for dinner, we went to Cities a restaurant on Stratford road near my house. I have always wanted to go there, as the car park is full.
We had spanokopita for a starter, very nice, apparantly the owners are Greek and a Pizza, Jasmine wasn't so sure about the BBQ taste of this so we returned home and gave her Pasta, its always something she loves to eat LOL, I'll never forget how she sucked up the spaghetti in Italy.

Its has a nice buzz to the place and the service was great and its not a chain, just a good local restaurant, so check it out if your in Winston Salem LOL

Spanakopita, yummy

BBQ Chicken Pizza, they make the dough from scratch

Me and Jasmine enjoying a fresh fruit and yogurt smoothie

What do you love to do when friends come to visit?

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