Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where Are You From?

I got his email today after you heard my accent and it got me thinking...

"I'm so confused now....thought you were British???????????????
You soound SOOOOOOO American on your Appam video and nice to catch a glimpse of you!
:-) Ozoz (Kitchen Butterfly)"

I am a yellow belly, that's what you call a person Born in Lincolnshire England, I am proud to be a Brit and count myself part of the UK's rich heritage. I moved a lot growing up around the UK, doing my high school in Glenrothes Fife in Scotland and University in Aberdeen in the North of Scotland. In school I was often teased for being English, there is a very long history of issues between Scotland and England. My name was Rebecca Johnson in Scotland its spelt Johnstone so I got the nickname Rebecca Johnson no t son!

Anyways when you move a lot growing up your accent takes on a little of everything, and now its getting specks of American mixed in but I am OK with it, I love this country and life is good for our little family.

But I am a Brit in my heart I know this to be true as I hunt down wheatabix and Heinz baked beans and only want British tea, I have satelitte radio in my car and listen to radio one and BBC news, I laugh at British jokes and watch BBC America. I even used to read British history books to Jasmine when she was a newborn!, I must confess I can't find much time now! I get homesick when I hear a British accent or read of food bloggers and their trips to the UK.

I was listening to Radio One today and they got a sample of cheese curry from Japan, the host Scott Mills was calling his co worker at home as she was off work with food poisoning telling her he was saving it for her and playing the catchy music.
Here's an advertisement, it may actually be good, as both are good on their own, but it cracked me up anyways!

So where do you come from and what does it mean to you?

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