Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Meal at Nobles Grill and Awards

We ate supper tonight at Nobles Grill Winston Salem, it is a famous high end restaurant in town, with a beautiful interior and great ambience and good service. Here's what we all ordered.

Tomato Basil Bisque this was very nice, but a tad too creamy for me
Duck, our friend seems to enjoy this and the presentation is very good.
My friends crab cakes, one thing I will say Nobles does very good crab cakes, my friend said they were pretty good and she is from Maryland!

I ordered Poulet Rouge, it was a little organic chicken, cooked on a wood fire, over mashed potatoes with some brussel sprouts.
Overall the chicken was very tasty, but after just returning from France the dish didn't taste French due to the creamed potatoes being too rich, and overpowering the star of the meal the Poulet Rouge

Coconut cake, this was pretty good, I had it with a cappuccino but again very little foam and a latte at most

Overall Nobles is a great place to eat, but pricey and I must confess after being in France we are spoiled by great food, this doesn't come close, and it leaves me feeling quite heavy. Where as in France I felt satisfied and light.

I was twittering with the restaurant and the owner responded to me!, his food blogs are wonderful and he really is someone to look up to in the culinary world.

Hi & thank you. I'm the owner of Noble's Restaurants & an active blogger & -Jim Noble

Finally here is our precious daughter the best gift you can ever have

I also want to thank Esme of Chocolate and Croissants for the lovely blog award, I wish to give her a friends award in return

Anncoo kindly gave me a Mama blogger award this is very special to me, I want to pass this to Diana of A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa as I adore the way she involves her boys in the kitchen.


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