Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunch and Versailles!

Thank you Mum and Dad for stressing the importance of visiting Versailles for some reason I always thought it was going to be far from Paris but its just a metro ride away. It was beautiful in fact mind blowing how grand it was what an extravagant king Louis 14th was!
We first took the metro to Notre Dame I adore this church its so majestic just like God, but he's better than any thing we can built so just imagine!
Then we went to versailles, and had lunch near by in a Place called Hotel De Palais the food was great, not so kid friendly though and little Jasmine wasn't in the mood to sit and eat she wanted to crawl!, but all in all she's a trooper and even happily pointed at the paintings in the palace what a cultured little girl!

Chocolate Mouse this was so good and Jasmine of course sat still long enough to eat this!
Chicken and green beans, very nice, sorry I am hopeless at getting the French names and would butcher the spelling!
Rabbit stew my hubby loved this kept saying how good it was while sipping his Bordeux!
A window in Notre dame wow

Versailles, oh but you must go inside and see the hall of mirrors and the ceilings are amazing!

So of to Nantes tomorrow for a night hubby wanted to take the TGV fast train and we thought since Life's a Feast blogger Jamie is there why not visit!

Bon Nuit

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