Sunday, December 13, 2009

8 Tips to Enjoy The Holidays While Staying Friends with The Scale

Here's a few simple tips to enjoy the Holiday Season without having an argument with your bathroom scales!

By Rebecca Subbiah RD

1. Tis the season for giving, share your cookies and cakes with friends and neighbors!

2. Walk around your neighborhood and sing Carrols spreading good cheer.

3. Have a small healthy snack before going to parties like a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal so your not really hungry.

4. Christmas is just one day relax and eat what you want but just for a day!

5. Make mini desserts to help with portion control.

6. Leftovers are a good thing, you can get creative with the turkey, make turkey curry, turkey fried rice and turkey salad.

7. Play in the snow, have snow ball fights build a snowman and make snow angels.

8. Have fun

What are your tips?


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