Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guest Post: Chic Eats From Hong Kong

It is with great pleasure to have Kenny from Chic Eats give us a guest post, you may have seen this soup on his blog, but I couldn't resist asking him to post it here as well for fun. I love Kenny's blog, and his zest for eating good food and sharing his tales of all of Hong Kong's great restaurants with his friends and family.

Wow, I got Rebecca's invitation to write her a guest post! I'm honoured! Rebecca of Chow and Chatter has always been one of my favourite blogs. As you all readers know, Rebecca is a charming mother as well as a professional RD, her blog is always informative, fun and yummy and it's become of of my daily reads.

So hi everybody, this is Kenny of Chic Eats from Hong Kong, and I'm guest posting something to freak you guys out, watch out!

Got the balls to try this wacky soup?

Snake soup, anyone?

Snake soup is regarded as a delicacy in Cantonese Cuisine
it's believed that snake soup helps keep you away from any diseases that come from exposure to cold winds, and it keeps you warm in the chilly weather! So in winter, you'll see many of us Hong Kong people eating snake soup!!

Dare to try?

To eat snake soup properly, sprinkle with some white chrysanthemum petals and crackers first! We believe that chrysanthemum petals aid the vision and are good for the eyes, and what's more they add sweetness to the soup.

Apart from sliced snake meat, ingredients such as black fungus (or wood ear for some people), sliced pork, bamboo shoots, Chinese ham, tangerine peels, etc. are added in the soup. It tastes very much like a hearty chicken soup, but with a teeny weeny bit of fish/seafood after-taste.
It actually looks pretty good to me, anyone game to try it! what's the strangest food you have eaten?
Have a great weekend

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