Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guest Post: Macaroni Apple Salad

I saw this gorgeous and healthy kids lunch box on Anncoo's Hobby the other day and I asked her for a guest post in the comments, she send one for chow and chatter today. Anncoo's blog is wonderful she is a homemaker in Singapore and cooks the most amazing foods, especially cakes, just look at this!
In fact I tweeted this one and LaBellaCook was asking if I was going to make it, I said no this is above me, isn't it beautiful.
So here follows a lovely and healthy lunchbox, or bento (Japanese word for Lunchbox) for your kiddies, I adore the little hearts and the carrots cut out with a cookie cutter what an amazing mum Ann is. I am going to make lunch boxes like this for little Jasmine!

Light Meal – Macaroni Apple Salad

I was very excited and nervous when Rebecca invites me to do a guest post for Chow
and Chatter on something like Simple Meal for Kids. Thank you very much
hope all Mums will like this quick and easy recipe.

Thank you very much Rebecca, for your invite. As this is my first time to do a guest post.

All of you must visit Rebecca wonderful blog which has many healthy and delicious recipes.

Everyone has heard “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
It is good to eat apples along with their skins as almost 50 per cent of
natural vitamin C content is just beneath the skin. It will surely take more
than a daily apple keep you healthy.

So I decided to make - Macaroni Apple Salad, since I still
have red and green apples in the refrigerator and this can be done within 20

  • 30g Macaroni – boil macaroni for few minutes or till cooked with little salt and oil and drain.
  • Slice some potato and carrot to about 3mm thick and put in boiling water till just cooked.
  • Slice some cooked chicken sausage to 3mm thick.
  • Use cookie cutter to shape carrot, potato and chicken sausage.
  • ¼ of red and green apple – soak apple with very little salt water solution for few seconds, rinse well and dice.
  • Mix all the ingredients well with little salt, some mayonnaise and sour cream or Miracle Whip (60% less fat) and place in bento box with some fresh fruits at the side.

*Other ingredients can be used for this salad ~ cheese, cucumber, French bean or spinach.

Look how cute this is I bet little ones love taking this to school

Can't wait to fly to NYC in the morning and see my dear brother, also for a Food Blogger meet up on Friday!, wish you were all with us

Much love

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