Monday, February 1, 2010

Bread Baby!

Hi all, so this month for Healthy Bread in 5 min a day we were to make the whole wheat sandwich loaf, hamburger buns and apple strudel bread. I made the sandwich bread, all in all its a nice bread softer than the master recipe, but I will stick with the master recipe for everyday bread, no eggs and easy to make!
In fact when we got back from our trip late Saturday night with the snow storm I made up the dough, left it out to rise overnight and made fresh bread for breakfast with the preserves I got from Saint. Martin, delicious!
For the apple bread you roll out the dough and fill it with apples, sugar, raisins and cinnamon roll it up and bake. This was yummy and another great breakfast food, Jasmine and I gobbled this up.

and Bhavesh kindly gave me this award, he has a fun blog with amazing photography from India
Superior Scribbler Award

What's your favorite kind of Breakfast bread?

Have a wonderful week everyone


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