Friday, January 29, 2010

Saint Martin Eats and Awards

Cheese dip

So we had a great few days in Saint Martin (spelt this way on the French side) or Saint Maartin on the Dutch side. It is a beautiful little Island in the Caribbean. With amazing beaches and decent food. We rented a lovely cottage from a French couple on the French side. It was fun as we love French food and the local Grocery store is full of it!
The Island unfortunately doesn't grow anything or seem to have much fresh fish, hard to believe as its surrounded by Ocean!
All of the fruit sold by the roadside is imported from Santa Domingo or The Dominican Republic. Also we found out that most of the fish served in restuarants is frozen, quite disappointing really. I did stock up on British tea, French cookies and chocolates, and local preserves and spices. Also coffee from the Dominican Republic. Its a nice place but to be honest we much prefer Costa Rica, It has its own identify and more to offer with mountains and beaches and its own cuisine, but thats just us.

Anyways the first night we ate in Calmor Cafe in Grand Case a great place for drinks and on the beach but the food was so so and expensive.
Last night we managed to get fresh Fish our friend had tuna tartare which he enjoyed and we shared the red snapper, this was nice. The Chef, added Herbs De Provence and baked it, so will try this at home for sure.

This menu made me smile!
Red snapper
Tuna Tartare

I am also lucky to receive a couple of Awards one from Kathleen from the Geeky Gourmet, a witty and fun food blog

and one from Ruth from I love flavor me, I love her, she is an awesome Mum and teacher, now living in Milan and not to mention one heck of a cook, be sure to check out her blog.

All in all was fun, but so wished the Island had its own food and a more united cultural identity, coming home to possible snow aw well will cool my sunburn down!!

Love and Hugs

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