Thursday, January 7, 2010

Talking Plate Helped Kids Eat Less

Source: The Daily Mail

A Device called a mandometer normally used to treat eating disorders was recently used to curb obesity in kids. The Mandometer weighs the food and plots a graph related to the rate at which food is removed from the plate. It is compared against an ideal curve.

Doctors in Bristol England decided to apply the device to kids to make them eat more slowly and be aware of eating. When the child was eating too fast it would tell them. The children ate less and at a slower rate and the results even lasted for 6 months.

Now we don't have one of these at home, but how many times do we wolf down our meals, or hurriedly eat in front of the TV.

In fact another article was published today in the Chicago Tribune, about the importance of family meal times :,0,6398328.story

Sit at the table and eat taste your food! and get family members or friends to tell you to slow down if needed!

What tips do you have?


and lastly here's Jasmine eating super, we made this little table and chairs together this afternoon took 3 hours! but she likes it I was sitting in one of the chairs luckily I didn't break it like Goldie Locks!


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