Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Post: Chef Tiago

Let me introduce you to Tiago a chef at the Sheraton Algave, Portugal. I stumbled across his blog and just adore to admire his skill in the kitchen, he kindly agreed to do a guest post and made foie gras just look at the picture!

Here is a little about Tiago:

I am born a I am born a 09 de November from 1991 had a completely normal childhood, a boy was shy, reserved, but very aware of himself, surrounded by fields where they inhaled various flavors, various flavors felt surrounded by corn fields ... in fact a healthy environment.

Early on I began to awaken a curiosity about the act of cooking, intrigued me that you do not know why things were hard and then were so soft that they cooked ... Then, my 5 years, I gave my "first steps" in culinary world when I helped my sister and my mom make the Christmas cakes and Easter. Before finishing the 9th grade had no doubts about what I wanted to do: take the cooking course.
In 2006 I enrolled in the School of gastronomy of Santa Maria da Feira, having no place went to the school of gastronomy of Lamego. At first it was very complicated for me because it separated me from my friends, my family to go after a dream.

With 14 years then I packed for the first time, and for once spent a whole week away from home ... It was all complicated but once made aware there were any problems.
The first contact with the school was good and the "kitchen equipment" as well. I made two placements in Solverde Hotel and Hotel Sheraton Algarve, participated in two competitions a dessert of chocolate and other national-level schools.

In the latter contest, Nestlé Professional, each school chose a student who would represent their school, a total of 17 schools across the country.
Of these 17 representatives, only 8 passed the final and I managed to pass. The finals was in my school which made me feel a little more comfortable. Still, the day before I felt very nervous and anxious. Fortunately everything went well, despite the nervousness. During the luncheon ceremony, my boss told me: "You are a caveman" (donkey) ... At that point I was completely tracked ... Soon as I heard my name in 1st place, I felt calm and glad.

Much was left behind: a moment of joy, moments of sadness, difficulties ... moments that I will not forget! Three years ... It was very good, it can be said, a launching pad.

This year then started to take the first steps in the world of work at the Sheraton Algarve: the first company I worked for

Foie Sponge


90gr Foie


80 gr Flour Type 55

2 yolks

3 white egg

QB Juice bird

QB Port Wine


Make a paste with broth and foie for birds (at least 80 º C) Cool to 40 ° C in the minimum join the egg yolks with the white egg and flour then add to the paste of Foie.
Reduce the port wine with honey
Place an order to your liking and bake in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Garnish with black salt flakes and saffron threads.

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