Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pork Floss Pizza

The lovely Ann of Anncoo's hobby sent me and my family some pork floss from Singapore, it arrived today, it really made my day that she would do something so sweet.

A while back Zurin from Cherry on a Cake did a great guest post on Fish floss and I mentioned how much I wanted to try it, and low and behold sweet Anncoo send me some. Its delicious, crunchy and when it melts in your mouth it tastes like BBQ pork.

So what better way to use it than for a pizza topping. I have bread starter dough in the fridge from the healthy bread in 5 minutes a day, so I topped it with tomatoes, Italian herbs, spinach, mozzarella and the pork floss, yummy.

Here's a slice for all of you with love have a great weekend..

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