Sunday, March 28, 2010

Empanadas and Tennis!

926 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-3137

So after having my first Empanada on Friday I asked the locals where their favorite place was for more, they recommended Go Go a cute little cafe on Alton Road specializing in Empanada's with a great variety of sweet and savory fillings. Jasmine had taken a long nap and we kind of missed lunch so arrived hungry and ate one too many!
We had a classic Argentine one with minced beef and egg this was my favorite, a Spicy Thai chicken one, steak chimichurri, guava and cheese, nutella and banana and dulce de leche and raspberry I told you we ate a lot!
This was a great find and if you on South Beach its a must, we saw folks coming in from all walks of life to enjoy.

Our bounty!

The menu

Then tonight we ate in a place called Sol y Mar on Key Biscayne Blvd downtown Miami, lovely food and nice view over the water, Little Jasmine can now say moon and star and enjoyed pointed at them!
Hubby got striped sea bass and veggies
I had a plantain stuffed chicken breast with yuka yummy

The dessert was a chocolate mousse with hazelnut foam. So excited I finally ate foam, I always see it on five star foodies blog and wonder about it!
Me and Jasmine at the match, down below is Andy Murray a British player unfortunately he lost today but it was a thrill to see him in person.

Love and Hugs

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