Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guest Post: Bubble Tea

The lovely and very talented Peach of The Peachkitchen A wonderful food blog based in the Philippines kindly shared these bubble tea pictures. In fact it was the fun street food that got me hooked on her blog, also she is a great Mum with a little daughter about Jasmines age, a business woman and awesome cook. Be sure to visit her blog, but I know a lot of you clever folks are. Enjoy!

Street Pearl Shakes/Mobile Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea or Pearl Shake is a very popular drink nowadays. It is usually naturally or artificially flavored teas or milkshakes with chewy tapioca pearls.This is perfect for the now starting Summer here in the Philippines.
Usually, you can find these shakes being sold in malls and kiosks but they are a little pricey. Well, someone will always find a way to make this more available and affordable to the public. And so the Mobile Bubble Tea is born. This vendor sells the pearl shakes in four flavors: Chocolate, Rocky Road, Cappuccino and Buco-Pandan
When you buy an order. The vendor will get a plastic cup and put around 2 tbsp of tapioca pearls. Then he will fill the cup with the flavor of the shake that you chose. In the picture, the vendor is filling the cup with Buco-Pandan flavored shake. This cup costs P10.00 [$0.22].


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