Friday, March 26, 2010

I Wish This Was My Supermarket!

We found a local Supermarket on Miami Beach on the way back to the Hotel, we had some stone crab legs at Joe's pretty good thanks for the recommendation Barbara. Little Jasmine wasn't so keen enjoyed the ice cream walking along the beach better and decorating Daddy's white shirt!

I couldn't resist sharing the food pictures, of this small neighborhood grocery store, filled with Cuban bread and fresh cakes, meat stews, rice and beans. In fact thats what Jasmine ate for a late supper!, and locally made creme caramel.
Now this is my breakfast with fresh fruit he he!

Lovely Papaya and lots of good coffee's a good Cuban coffee is on my list for tomorrow!

Yellow rice (sorry I am sure it has a proper name) and black beans and rice

Love from Miami one of the best foodie cities in the World!

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