Saturday, April 17, 2010

Put the Kettle On!

I was contacted by Wiseman Tea Co. to sample some tea's I couldn't resist and the owner was so sweet, they very kindly send a Jasmine pearls, Chamomile, Shalimar and Sencha Kombucha Plum along with the coolest travel mug. I made a cup of the of the Sencha Kombucha plum oh it smells divine and has a lovely fruity taste. I plan to also buy some English breakfast from them.
So heres a demo with the travel mug!

Boil the kettle, now remember I am a Brit and every British home has one its always better to use filtered water we use a Brita filter

Add the desired amount of tea to the mug, I used about 1 1/2 teaspoons then fill with water, the mug has a filter at the top. Its so much fun to see the leaves swell and transform back into leaves and flowers from dried. Can't wait to see how the Jasmine looks!

Here are some fun facts on tea:
  • - Discovered in 2737 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung when his servant accidently put leaves in his hot water
  • - First imported to England by the East Indian Trading company from India, mostly drunk by the rich hence the custom of British High Tea in the afternoon
  • - Great Britain put heavy taxes on tea to recover losses from the French and Indian wars on the colonies, this was not taken well by the Americans who dumped tonnes of tea into the water at Boston Harbour in Protest and started the American Revolution
  • - Thomas Lipton invented the tea bag in the early twentieth century
  • - The Americans invented iced tea in fact 80% of tea drunk in America is iced.
  • - All teas come from the same plant camellia sinensis the colour comes from the way the tea is processed, black tea is exposed to air and oxidised and green tea is less processed hence its milder flavour and colour, oolong is in between
  • - Black and Green teas have mostly the same caffeine content.
  • - Tea is a rich source of antioxidants namely catechins and may decrease the risk of heart disease
  • - Tea tastes great and as A Brit we are brought up drinking tea, when your tired and need pick me up nothing beats a cuppa.

So go on put the kettle on !!!!

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