Friday, April 16, 2010

Tangerine/Mango Smoothie and Juicer and Orange Giveaway!!!

We have a wonderful Breville Juicer, that is easy to use and great for a variety of fruit and vegetable smoothies. As far as appliances go I have always been a fan of Breville its an Australian company with great classy and very functional appliances. I have an espresso machine and panini maker and now a juicer! There's a wonderful website called by Breville and I contribute to the healthy snack column, its so much fun. I love making fresh juice for Jasmine and us I must confess though its easier to make a whole batch for a couple of days. 

A few days ago, I made a simple tangerine and mango smoothie. Not just any tangerine I ordered them from The Orange Shop in Florida, they ship fresh citrus from the groove. The owner Pete has been a citrus grower his whole life and The Orange Shop has been in business since 1936. 

Fresh Juices are packed with nutrients the mango and tangerine juice provided more than a days requirement for vitamin C, potassium, B6 and folate. I recommend buying al natural juices not juice drinks which are often marketed as healthy but loaded with sugar and only a small percentage of fresh juice.

You simple peel the tangerines or oranges and blend, simple as that!

and out comes the delicious juice

So I figured what would be cooler than getting a box of oranges with a juicer as a giveaway!, The Orange Shop has kindly agreed to send the oranges and Breville has sent me this juicer to re send to the lucky winner.

  1. live in the US so so sorry but the juicer is going to be expensive to ship and the fruit wouldn't do well going over sea's
  2. Consider following @FoodThinkers (they tweet really cool foodie stuff) and @TheOrangeShop (for all things citrus!)
  3. Leave a comment telling us what citrus you would like to try from 
  4. I will pick a winner at random and announce it next friday April 23rd 

Good Luck!!

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