Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Giveaway for all!

So a few days back I mentioned that I received some wonderful loose tea and a cool travel mug from Wise Man Tea Company I then emailed Byran to thank him and to ask if he would consider doing a giveaway for Chow and Chatter readers and he kindly agreed!

Flavored Blacks

Brian and his partner Jordan are both tea enthusiasts and founded Wise Man Tea Co. company while at DePaul University, Chicago selling fine loose-tea for great taste and health benefits.

Bryan says "Our tea differs strongly from what most consumers are used to. We package the teas in characteristically modern gloss black tins and combine them with real fruit pieces, creating a strong visual effect. The use of herbals and fruit pieces instead of sugar or additives yields wonderful flavor varieties, which have been very appealing to our customers"

Part One

All you have to do is check out their sample sets and leave a comment stating which one you would like to try and they will ship it to you with a travel mug. I will announce the winner over the weekend.

Part Two

But its NOT finished I feel so bad as this is for US residents so I am going to send a Chamomile tea I received to anywhere in the World. Just Indicate in the comments if you are US or International and I will make two lists and pick a winner randomly from each list.

Happy Tea Drinking!

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