Monday, May 24, 2010

Galleria Restaurant Cambridge UK

Today we had a wonderful day with family in the beautiful city of Cambridge it was just perfect one of those days to cherish for life, my hubbies brothers and sister were there with their wife's and future hubby and my bro and his lovely girlfriend came. I wasn't going to blog but this restaurant deserves a mention!
For supper we ate at The Galleria Restaurant next to the river. My sis in laws Fiancee studies at Cambridge University and took us punting it was wonderful. I pray you can visit this place after living in the US when I go home I want to visit all these amazing cities and do the Touristy things and soak it all in. I miss my family so much.

Me and Jasmine ate this Lemon Sole with a leek puree and mash potatoes yum
hubby had lamb
Thai inspired Monk fish with rice, loved the lemon grass in this
Salmon risotto, apparently one chef is Scottish one Canadian and one Italian!

No dessert snaps gobbled up fast !

Punting with our very own excellent punter!!

Love to you all, next time you visit a city with boats on a river, its a must to take a ride!!!

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