Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Post: From Down Under!

It is with great pleasure to bring a guest post from the talented Ron from Australia I adore his blog every post is like a mini foodie adventure, be sure to visit his blog for more-http://thatssoron.blogspot.com/

Winter is here in Brisbane, located in the sunshine state of Australia, Queenland; winter is normally not as cold as the other states. One still can get away with shorts and a jacket; although it does get pretty chilly at sometimes.This winter some kind hearted person has gone and Knitted the town...to warm it up.

After checking out the knit wares, we popped into Vapiano; a fairly new concept type restaurant here in Brisbane. With their modern decor and ambiance ,freshly made pasta and fresh ingredients it Italian Joint has become a big hit here.

Before you get in, you are given a card which is almost like a credit card. Once inside, there are 4 counters divided into the Pasta, Pizza, Salad and Drinks. How it works is, you order, you swipe your card,the food gets prepared right infront of you, you eat and before you leave ... you pay off your credit card.
The food here is mafe with fresh ingrediance, even the basil is plucked fresh from the pot.

How cool was that!!!

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