Saturday, August 14, 2010

Butterflys and Farmers Markets

Hi all well, I thought I would share some beautiful pictures of my walks, butterflies and farmers markets. The amazing butterflies were taken along the Muddy Creek Greenway a lovely trail that goes for miles in Winston Salem, its so relaxing like a country trail in the city, we saw loads of butterflies that day. 

Sometimes I feel like a butterfly fluttering around from this activity to the next and not really having the time to stop and rest. All busy folks can relate as parents we are non stop, then with the blogging for companies and promoting I get a little hyper. I sometimes wonder if taking on the company blogs is wise, as I end up staying up late at night. But I really enjoy it love the food, recipe writing and the tweeting, radio shows and marketing its funny but through Chow and Chatter I have found my niche. Although trained as a dietitian I adore blogging, twitter and networking. I am loving my work for Triad Guide a local guide, directory, events, radio and more for my area. I am meeting and interviewing so many wonderful folks in my community on the site and on the radio show. 

I recently interviewed a lady called Jane a Perigord Black Truffle grower who was had the honor of Martha Stewart hunting for truffles on her farm! and got to meet her today at the farmers market what a treat. I have a list of folks to interview for the guide and am now getting requests, I also met a 6th generation grass fed meat farmer today, what an opportunity to help promote great businesses. 

I need to get balance though well I guess we all do, thats why I only post here a few times a week. I love you all dearly and stay up often till after midnight reading comments and your blogs :-)
Please bear with me if I don't always visit as much as I would like I do care. How do you all manage to keep up and find balance ? 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the butterflies

This is a wonderful garden in Reynolda village, my favorite place in the City.

Jane the truffle grower, I got a little (costs a lot) of black truffle butter he he

My sunshine 

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