Monday, September 6, 2010

Chennai Food blogger Meetup

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely and most talented Srivalli from Cooking 4 all Seasons, she is so sweet a Mum to 3 and a full time IT expert. She is even going to be speaking at Blogher, what a honor to meet her. We meet at Amerthyst a gem in Chennai, its an old palace home converted into a cafe and shop a retreat from the busy city with decent food and fabulous cakes.  

this is a yummy laddu peannut flavored that srivalli made for Jasmine how very kind

he he nibbled cake!

me, sleeping beauty and Srivalli


this is the saree I wore for my sis in laws wedding yesterday. We had a lovely day and finally Jasmine seems to have settled in and ran around at the evening reception playing with the relatives we had to stop folks taking snaps and remind them to focus on the bride!!

So we fly to England on Thursday to see my family and celebrate my Grandmas 80th can't wait to see them all again

Love to you all


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