Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Proximity Hotel Greensboro

Hubby was off today so we decided to go out for lunch, I attended the DATs symposium in Winston Salem at the weekend, and Dennis  Quaintance the owner of the Proximity hotel was a speaker, he was an inspiring gentleman and was talking about ways for the Triad to look forward and improve the economy. He mentioned that he owned a Green hotel with national recognition and how his chefs take a London taxi cab to the farmers market that had my attention! he also talked about how he walks to work all in all he was a treat to listen to.
 So today I looked up his hotel and we had lunch at The Print Works Bistro...

In the above picture check out the solar panels on the roof, these provide the hotels hot water needs, the hotel in fact was built to use 
-  40% less energy and 30% less water than a comparable hotel, I also loved the recycled paper coasters and closer parking to the hotel for low emission vehicles :-)

It has a lovely interior and orchids on the walls 

A lounge area

We had some beet chips, these were a little addictive so need to work out more today!

I got a cassoulet with crispy pork very tasty but with these 87 degree weather I think I would have been better with a salad!

hubby got NC trout with a Beurre Blanc sauce (French white butter sauce) I like it but he found it too rich

and he really does have a London taxi cab as a Brit living here this made my day!

then on the way home we stopped at foreign cars Italia and I dreamed of Aston Martins, I have been dreaming since childhood, funny folks on facebook are asking it its our new car. Who knows when my future recipe app sells millions or trillions he he we all need dreams!!

What's your dream car?

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