Saturday, October 30, 2010

Social Media: A Piece of the Puzzle

Social Media A Piece of the Puzzle:

Social media is like a piece of a large jigsaw puzzle, one part of it say blogging is pretty but when it has different sides such as facebook, twitter and blogging it connects to other peoples pieces and still others to create a beautiful picture.  Each side of the jigsaw piece allows the user to plug into another community for example twitter users may at times be different from the people who use facebook, and the blogging side may mostly appeal to bloggers. However as it all connects folks from facebook will click through to the blog, or website then tell their friends spreading your little piece of the internet to the wider community making new and meaningful connections and creating an image of the beauty of sharing. As the pieces spread out and interconnect your piece of the puzzle be that your blog or website, will flourish from a shared exchange of ideas and conversation. You may have to wiggle your piece around a few times, round off the edges and truly find your niche to get that perfect fit, but in time it will naturally fall into place.

In the same way that a part of a puzzle say a tree has a trunk then branches and leaves your ideas can spread and reach others and in time a bigger branch may even approach you for chatter or an opportunity. The idea of being a part of a puzzle stresses the point that we are stronger being part of a community giving our readers, customers and twitter followers equal importance. The word social in social media is just as it sounds make the time to be yourself, and be social respond to comments on your blog posts and check your replies on twitter acknowledge when your posts are liked on facebook. Because as people are able to enjoy your brand and content you will in turn be able to embrace theirs and come away from the encounter enriched and feeling part of the bigger picture.

The most amazing thing about social media is the potential to have a broad reaching appeal, these days people get their news and entertainment from the internet, get fun information on facebook from companies in between posting family pictures and playing games. Look to twitter for the latest trend, recipes and to make connections with like-minded people. As your niche or piece of the puzzle is slotted in with similar people more than likely they will know others with shared interests and still they will know others and the information is spread not just in your immediate neighborhood but across counties. Social media is a universal tool to share and converse that speaks its own language that is understood by all.

So start today, share your passion with the world, there’s a piece of the puzzle with your name on it. 

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