Monday, November 22, 2010

Custom Tiles by Renee

I am going to start a series on Chow and Chatter featuring wonderful crafts, baked goods, talents and items for sale by fellow bloggers or anyone really. I for one now really understand how hard it is to make something your proud of (my recipe app) and try and get the word out. Also why not share great items especially with the holidays coming for gifts to all the lovely readers of chow and chatter. Up first are these wonderful custom tiles by Renee, they are beautiful aren't they drop me a line if you want me to mention something :-)

Kudos Kitchen By Renee  - Hand Painted Custom Tiles (Biography)

Not long ago I ran a small but successful decorated cookie business for approximately 5 years before deciding to close my cookie doors.  During the end of my cookie career I began experimenting with food coloring as “paint” on my royally iced cookie canvases.

In my mind, many of my painted cookies looked liked decorative “tiles” with the only exception being that they would ultimately be eaten (go figure).  Although many people would comment that my cookies “looked too pretty eat”, in the end they always were and the art was only a delightful, yet distant, memory. 

In July of 2010, I decided to follow my heart and true passion for paints and brushes and began painting actual ceramic tiles that people could use as functional items (such as trivets and coasters) as well as unique and personal d├ęcor items that could proudly be displayed in homes or offices.

By emailing me a photo or giving detailed information, anything can be designed and hand painted on a custom tile.  From recreating a blog header, button, badge or logo to reproducing a family classic recipe or a beloved family member, ideas can be realized and come to life through my painter’s palette in my Kudos Kitchen.

Client contact and interaction is key to producing a one of a kind tile that will thrill and delight.  Because of this fact, I do not have a specific website that is used for ordering.  Ordering can only be done through emailing me directly.  I do however have a blog where clients can go to view my past works in my “portfolio pages” and also a section called “Kitchen Table” where I talk about the process of painting specific designs and where I also show step by step photos of my work.

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