Monday, November 8, 2010

Favorite Social Media Tweets from #FNCE

Twitter is indeed a gift this afternoon my fellow RD's are in Boston at our National Meeting #FNCE (food and nutrition expo on twitter) and they were tweeting the best social media tips, I just had to cut and paste my favorites in a post. Even if you are not a dietitian we can all learn something.

Be sure to follow #FNCE for great nutrition and health tips, cutting edge research and connect with great folks :-) 

and for social media tips follow @SocialMediaRDs 

I couldn't be there this year but one of the speakers is mentioning me and my recipe app :-) 
maybe next year I can attend and tweet live from the event :-) 

Best Rebecca

  • Focus on connecting with your audience, focus on individual people rather than large campaigns, its more transparent 

  • What can you accomplish with ? Broaden your reach, more intimate relationships with ppl online and then meet in person.

  • Your expertise is available everywhere in seconds. Why jump in? For reach, there are 500 million on Fbook, 18 million on Twitter

  • Dos of  being generous, acknowledge ppl for what they're doing, be honest and respectful to others, be grateful, interact 

  • having consistent information, instead of being on  all the time 

  • one way to build up followers is to follow a trend, such as  if you follow people that you're interested in, they usually follow u back

  •  helps with getting media interviews, professional networking, industry partnerships, private practice clients, and more...

  • Time savers? interns or hire help, auto messages (w/o being nutr robot), network, ask questions, follow dietitians that inspire u!

  • The good thing about  is that you can unfollow someone (without offending them) that just keeps talking about themselves.

  • Follow a live event you can't attend or if you can't be at all sessions at the same time, e.g.   

  • If you have a  pg, FB insight can give you the demographics of who "likes" your pg. 

  • Also, giving incentives for people to join your  pg! Prizes!
My favorite one by far was the one about having fun with social media isn't that what its all about :-)

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