Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guest Post : From Mexico in My Kitchen

It is with great pleasure to introduce you to the sweet Mely she is a Mexican living in the US and writes a wonderful food and culture blog Mexico in My Kitchen I love the tales of her Grandmas house and asked for a guest post :-) so enjoy folks

 Plantain with milk

A simple breakfast recipe that brings back good memories from the days I visited my grandma’s country farm. She had a large piece of land designated for banana trees.That area was so huge that, as a kid it was our special place to play "hide and seek" games.  But that kind of banana growing in her farm is not easily found here in the United States. Surprisingly I found it few days ago while I was shopping for groceries in a Asian Market place with the name of “Burro Banana” (Donkey Banana). Even though it looks a lot like the ones my Grandma had in her farm, it didn’t taste same. So I decided to find out more about these particular type of bananas.

What happened next is that I discovered a whole world of information on more than 1,200 varieties of bananas, full  of Vitamin c, Potassium and even fiber, just to list a few of their virtues! I guess Grandma knew best what to feed her growing grandchildren. Just a roasted banana served with some fresh milk and that’s it!  In those good old days there was no need to "open a box" or a "bottle" for breakfast. The cow and the banana trees where right there across the kitchen patio. Nowadays and once in a while a plain plantain is good enough for me to do the trick back to Grandma’s kitchen. And I am glad to know that there are still women in my country feeding this healty vegetable for breakfast to their kids.  No chemicals, fillers or artificial flavors added!

To cook this you do not need your measuring cups.

Plantain with milk

 1 Plantain bananas and Burro Bananas, pick one.

Place the banana in a hot skillet and roast, turn to roast evenly. It is ok if it rips. You can make a small slit to the peel before roasting if you prefer to let steam out thru it. This can also be done under your broiler. Or during your next barbecue, placing the bananas in top of the grill and have it as a dessert.

After a few minutes it will look like this and now it is ready to serve in a small bowl with some warm milk and topped with ground cinnamon. Look at all the caramel dripping from the banana.

And if you enjoy pumpkins, this is another way you can eat it. Baked pumpkin with warm milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar.  These 2 dishes were common for breakfast or as a light dinner growing up at Grandma’s house. Now use your imagination and add the toppings of your choice.


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