Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fiesta 2011 Winston Salem

We had a lovely day today as a family in the morning we took our daughter to ride Thomas at the NC transportation museum, she enjoyed it although wasn't happy that the whole train wasn't blue :). 

Then on the way home we called of downtown to check out the annual Fiesta complete with wonderful Mexican dancing and great food. 

the dancing looked like this (below) wish I had got a clip it was wonderful, Jasmine was impressed too, adore finding cultural events to take her to

as a dietitian loved this fresh fruit snack you could even have it with chili and lime :-) 

These tacos catered by a local church were amazing, a treat to have authentic food. We then stopped and got a cuban plate for super 

Jasmine and I (the little guy was fast asleep in his stroller :-)) with her spider man it was a fun filled day for sure :-) hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Have you been to a fiesta?

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